Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well, I did say I would do one of these

I guess if I am going to blog some original content, it is always best to begin at the beginning, with the update portion of the blog. Let's see, I am still single, working two jobs.........wait, I know that isn't what was meant, so instead we will go to the all important updates.

The hockey All Star break has passed and I got two of my three players back, JS Giguere and J Speeza have both been playing again, which can only help me. Because of the break, we had an abbreviated week, I finished it 4-4-2 and remain in 4th place, though I did pick up two points on third. For the season, my record is now 86-62-22 and good for 194pts, which is one point out of third place and just 5 out of second.

Add another 41 cents to the change meter, new total is now $11.64. I wish it were higher, I could use the cash something fierce right about now. I have to replace my glasses, one of the legs broke and I am overdue for an exam anyway, but this tape job I have going on to keep them together for the next day or so means that should they stay together, I will qualify for the Boy Scout Geek Merit badge.

Thankfully today's radio show went well. I have been carrying a certain amount of bitterness recently, and it was nice to have things go smooth and sound professional for a change. It just seemed the last few days we had been scrambling for things to talk about. Between Joe Biden's comments and the Boston/Aqua Teen Hunger Force thing (how many times do I have to tell you we are ahead of the curve here before you believe me anyway) it was an easy and fun show to do. Lest we forget, the city of Boston now takes giant leaps forward in being the next Asshat winner. for those that didn't catch the video in a previous blog, You Tube pulled it, so you will have to find ATHF highlights all on your own. I would suggest either Youtube or stopping by to get your fix. Leslie, for the record, I am not a huge fan of Adult Swim, of course I like ATHF and Family Guy is good as well, and I can even sit through Futurama, but once they start the Anime, I tune out. Something about everyone looking like Speed Racer just does nothing for me. I am not one of those artsy folks when it comes to cartoons, alot of that stuff looks exactly the same to me, and the plots are rather boring to be honest. When I sit down to a cartoon, I am looking to just kill a few brain cells and maybe get a chuckle or two, Anime takes itself way to seriously for my tastes and the art is so similar as to be the Japanese form of Disney.

I was planning on sitting down and blogging last night, but after an afternoon nap I sat down at the computer and was prepared to blog and watch hockey on yahoo at the same time, but I couldn't get the streaming to work on yahoo, so I got frustrated and just left it go. It's a shame really, because the Penguins have been playing some really good hockey as of late, winning 6 of their last 7 games to actually move into a playoff spot, now the question of can they hold it remains to be seen, but they have certainly been a pleasant surprise on the Pittsburgh sports scene. Between them and the Pitt Mens Basketball team (ranked #9) I can get by without the Steelers. Mind you most Pittsburghers can't, it is football or nothing around here, but Pitt winning 20 games for the 6th consecutive year is something that often get overlooked here. (They are currently 20-3, with two of those losses coming in overtime @ Oklahoma State and home against Marquette.)

As I type this, I am wondering what exactly I am going to have for dinner. I am leaning toward chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta, but in order to make that, I would have to get up off my ass, something that is easier said than done on days where I only work one job. I am like a camel in that regard, I conserve my energy for the days where I will most likely need it, like tomorrow when I have to work, go to my eye appointment, then go back to the other job.

I would have done a Joe Random update, but I haven't started playing the game too much yet. I have tinkered with it, but once I dug out the PS2 games, I was brought back to the world of all of the distractions that can occupy my time if I let them, such as this. I was actually hard on blogging again on the radio show this week, which is funny because we have mentioned that I do blog (though how well is obviously open to debate). We have sort of a blog war going on in Pittsburgh, where radio talk host and columnist for the City Paper John McIntyre mentioned our current mayor had a run in with police officers back in 2005 outside Heinz Field before a Steelers game. Mind you the current mayor was a city councilman at the time, but since becoming mayor, John has been frequent with his criticisms of him and is a supporter of he opponent in the upcoming mayoral election. After wasting a couple days and a few inches of column space with what happened, the newspapers seemed to be letting the story go, with not much there to tell, except one of the mayor's supporters on city council then started a blog page so he could criticize John, and the mayor's opponent in the coming election. It all is very childish to be quite honest, but nonetheless, the topic of blogging came up on the show, to which I said most blogs aren't worth much of anything, mine included, and that unless you had an interest in any of the parties involved, this meant less than nothing to you. The blogosphere is replete with nonsense and most blogs are just preaching to a choir of people that already support them on one issue or another. much was made of how some political candidates are first now announcing their candidacy on Youtube or their web page to which I say, who goes to those pages besides the supporters of the candidates anyway? If I am sitting at home trying to pay the bills, one of the last things on my agenda would be "Did John Edwards say he was running for President today on You Tube?" I like John Edwards and I like You Tube, but I am not going to spend my Tubing time looking for John Edwards. One person emailed the show and said that by blogging, they have become a better writer. That very well may be true, and far be it from me to say people shouldn't have outlets to their time, things that bring them pleasure. Some people like to knit, some like video games, some just sit in front of a TV, those are all outlets with varying forms of creative input behind them, but let's not overblow the significance of what it is that we are actually doing, which is burning off time on a pursuit that by and large is meaningless. I am all for people finding ways to entertain themselves, outlets are nice in that they let us escape our lives for a little while, but let's not pretend that we are more important than what we are. We aren't exactly curing cancer here. I have thousands of times more respect for people that do things versus people that blog about doing things.

Well, now that I have irked the reading audience with that little diatribe, I guess it is time to continue, who knows, maybe I will upset more people before I am done.

I should make mention of the anti-war rally in DC this past weekend. We can all do the Wayback Machine thing here and relive my stance on the war, a supporter of it but not for the reasons the President mentioned, so if he is out there on a 28% popularity trip, I have to be floating at about 15% or so. Mind you I can't defend the actions of some people during the conflict, nor the planning of it, and I certainly have not defending the actual reasoning for it. That being said, it was good to see the rally on Saturday, because, by and large, it is what is best about this country. Not the name calling, or the notion of having to win the argument at all costs, it was just a fairly peaceable rally, the type of thing we should take pride in being able to do in this country, because there are far too few places on the globe that would let that happen. At the end of the day, we can all argue about who believes in what and why they should or shouldn't think that way, but it is moments like that, where even some people I don't agree with, have a seat at the table, that yes, I am proud to be an American and all that entails.

Sorry, had to check on the hockey game. The bad thing about having no money is I couldn't go to the game tonight. I would have liked to went to see the Pens play Montreal, but finances just didn't permit it. Maybe next time, though I imagine I will be poor for quite some time, it is something that I am relatively good at being.

Well, time to do another wrap up on this end, dinner is halfway done, and I might want to pay attention to it. Toodles.

Now this is Ollie Williams brief

This should explain my title two blogs ago

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's brief, but not Ollie Williams brief

Okay, it is headline time again, just so I can occupy even more webspace than I currently do. I plan on getting around to commenting on some blogs later today, at least those that I haven't gotten to yet. And shoudl I get up the gumption, we may even opt for original content on this page, unless something like TV or sleep gets in the way. For now, it's headline time.

Guy starves to death in NY City hospital after workers lose his dentures

Barbaro upgraded from glue to tourist attraction. You tried submitting this headline without beating a dead horse

NJ high school plans to test students for weekend drinking. In other news, nobody is expected to be in on Monday;_ylt=AsOlpR5CwjWbXssspWaSH_7MWM0F;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MjBwMWtkBHNlYwM3MTg-

Osama Bin Ladin's brother-in-law killed by burglars in his home in Madagascar. Oh, the sweet sweet irony

Sending your teen to her room for hitting, kicking and lying is now punishable by 12 1/2 years in prison. If you have any problems with this, don't hesitate to speak out - the state is more than happy to raise your children while you do time

You should never eat / that raw cougar meat / lest you want your intestine / with parasites infestin'

Courtney Love might replace Paula Abdul on American Idol. This makes it better how?

Lawmaker wants to create bill that would force runway models to have a sandwich or two once in a while, and maybe even dabble with digestion

Bingo hall worker B-10 and robbed

Calm down! I know you were raped, but for religious reasons, I can't give you your emergency contraception. By the way, we're going to arrest you and throw you into lockup. Have a nice day

Monday, January 29, 2007

What the buzz is about

Those that have checked out my page and lists know that I am a big fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That being said, I know that not all of you watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, or for that matter even have the chance to get it. (I only catch it sometimes at work, since I don't have cable at home.) Rather than me try to explain it, I figured what better way to cover the material than just throwing up an episode (well posting it actually, throwing it up would involve gag reflexes, which would lead to some as to yet, unmade joke and I don't even want to board that train of thought). Some of you may have seen this, others just won't get it, me, well I find this stuff hilarious, but then again I also like Primanti's sandwiches (sandwiches with fries and cole slaw on them, a true Pittsburgh tradition). If visiting their fine Establishment, I suggest the cappicola and egg sandwich, if visiting the blog, well, watch the video.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The polls have closed

Voting is over for the first democratically elected "Asshat of the Week" and voter turnout was poor, as is the case in most democratic countries. I think I will be going back to a dictatorship for a while. Anyway, we did have a winner this week, there were no ties, and in addition to be Asshat of the Week, our winner is possibly the first that would also have to register as a sex offender at IKEA. , Yes kids, he won, so put you hands together for this week's Asshat winner, Scott Baio. And just to show that I am not making this stuff up, say it with me, here's the math.....


The Sexual Life of Scott Baio

BAIO-WOLF Making the rounds

What's a guy to do when he's "dated and made love to some of the most desirable, beautiful starlets in Hollywood" but still can't find love? If you're Scott Baio, you find two co-writers to package up your pinhead thoughts and try to sell a book. Perhaps emboldened by the success of early '90s casualty Tori Spelling, who sold her memoir to Simon & Schuster for $300,000 in December (albeit, after asking for $2 million), Baio is shopping around his own, poignantly titled tell-all, BaioWatch: How I Dated and Loved Hollywood's Most Beautiful Women and Ended Up Alone.

The book, which Radar obtained the first 60 pages of, is effectively a compendium of love advice Baio gleaned from flings with everyone from Pam Anderson to Heather "The One That Got Away" Locklear to, um, Liza Minnelli (A taste: "Take it from me, when a woman says, 'I need time to think,' it's over. You're fucked. That train has left the station. Cry for two days, then find someone else.")

Those looking for a little Baio lovin' to put next to their Charles in Charge: Season One DVD will undoubtedly be thrilled if he happens to find a publisher (though, a publishing source notes, "several have already passed.").

[Choice excerpts, page scans, and Liza Minnelli's plea for Baio's man-seed after the jump!]


On losing his virginity at the age of 16 to Happy Days co-star Erin "Joanie" Moran:

"I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say after we got naked. So for the first five minutes, maybe less—hell, it might have been the first twenty seconds—I'm doing it and thinking, man, this is really uncomfortable. What happened was, my thing was between the cushions on the couch and I didn't even know it. Instead of being inside Erin, I was humping a corduroy sofa!"

On being a teen heartthrob:

"I got tight with Charles Laufer, the owner and publisher of Tiger Beat, which became an effective promotional tool.... One girl sent me her underwear that she'd peed and menstruated in, didn't wipe and ran a mile in, so I could have her natural body fluids and odors.

On how he managed to pull chicks while partying at the Playboy Mansion with Charles in Charge co-star (and Radar correspondent Willie Ames):

"Admittedly, it's all about money, power and fame. Sometimes Playmates will walk right up to me and grab my crotch."

On the exact moment he knew his relationship with Pamela Anderson was over:

"One day Pamela came home and said, 'I'm thinking of getting my boobs done.' Admittedly, I was surprised. My initial response, 'Reduced?' She already had large, beautiful, natural breasts. At that moment I knew our relationship would soon begin to crumble. Pamela had finally gone Hollywood—or whatever it is that happens when a woman becomes a hot celebrity."

On his attempt to pick up Beverly D'Angelo (the Vacation movies, Entourage):

"Beverly was standing there at Liza's party. I didn't even introduce myself. I walked right over to her and confessed, "You know, you have one of the sexiest qualities a woman can ever have.

'Oh yeah? What's that?' she asked. 'You have an overbite.'

'I don't have an overbite, dear,' she said. 'I have a cocksucker's mouth.'"

Perhaps most bizarre, however, is an exchange he details in which a 51-year-old Minnelli tries to get Baio to become her surrogate baby daddy:

"'I really want your sperm. You're a talented, good-looking Italian guy. That's what I want my child to be.'

I was incredulous. 'What are you gonna do with my sperm?'

'Well, I'm going to take my egg and put it into somebody else's body.'"

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally, a movie worth seeing

And you are just about out of time to vote for the new Asshat of the week (see previous entry)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I report, you decide

I am wary of doing polls on this page, it tends to get a little tedious and comes off almost as begging for comments, when in fact, comments are nice, but certainly not necessary. That being said, I have been doing the Asshat of the Week feature for a while now, and it has been an arbitrary thing, whatever I find to be the most inane usually wins. well, this week, we are going to change that a little bit, allowing you, the reader, to select just who the Asshat may be. I will, of course throw in some potential nominees, but in the end, you dear reader, will be the determining factor. It's is almost like the Oscars, minus the cool statuette and the lovely gift bag that the winners get. I will even leave an open slot, maybe you know someone more deserving than I, after all, I can't be all places at once, some things certainly could slip under my radar. That being said, here are some potential nominees;
1) The Pittsburgh Tribune Review - The Trib went to press with a story on Sunday saying that the Steelers would be making an offer to assistant coach Russ Grimm to be the next Steelers head coach. This after the AP, Sports Illustrated and ESPN all said Saturday that the Steelers would in fact be making Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin their next head coach. If you are an asshat, you can guess how this turned out, Mike Tomlin is the new Steelers head coach.
2) Insight Magazine/Fox News - For running a story that Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama had attended a madrassah in Indonesia, one that preaches radical Wahabbism. Of course both news outlets cited unnamed sources, so there is no one to blame but the outlets that ran with the story. Of course the story was refuted a mere day later when CNN actually sent someone to the school in Indonesia that Barack attended, which in fact, wasn't a madrassah at all. This is either a blatant attempt to smear a political candidate, or very poor journalism. In either case, I would argue it is Asshat worthy.
3) Scott Baio - Former teen heartthrob and actor on such TV shows as Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles In Charge is peddling a memoir to prospective publishers about his sexual exploits in Hollywood. Included in the books is such tasty nuggets as losing his virginity to co star Erin Moran, during which experience he realized that part of the time he wasn't having intercourse with Erin, but with the cushions on the couch that they were on. His other insights include how he knew his former love interest Pamela Anderson was going "Hollywood" when she opted to have her breasts reduced.
4) Students at Tarleton State University that held a MLK day party - Included in the party was a slew of racial stereotypes including serving fried chicken and malt liquor and having the guests dress in either gang apparel, or wearing such items as Afro wigs and fake gold teeth.
5) Els Clottemans - the name may not mean much to you, so here is the background. Els and fellow sky diver Els van Doren were fellow sky divers. I say were, because one of them isn't anymore. As well as being sky diver, they were also friends, and as it turns out, love rivals. It is that rivalry that allegedly lead Ms Clottemans to tinker with the parachutes (both the primary and back up chutes) of Ms van Doren. One can guess what happens when someone jumps out of a plane at 13000 and doesn't have a parachute. Suffice it to say, there is no more rivalry, one is dead, the other in jail.
6) Your pick. Leave a comment as to why, and not just because you don't like someone, they have to earn the title of Asshat.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

At least I am not the only one who doesn't take this seriously

A pause for creativity from a fellow blogger Ken Levine, hope he doesn't mind my plugging this, after all, his page may crash with the number of hits coming to him after this posting.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

And the hits just keep on comin'

Okay, this is an experiment. I had lunch last week with fellow blogger, Lee Goldberg and we were talking about people finding our sites via search engines. He said he once just listed the most searched for items and got a ton more hits that day. So for fun, I thought I’d do the same thing. But to put a spin on it, I’ve decided to weave them all into a little narrative. Let’s see what happens. And if you’re reading this because you searched for “Bonnie Bernstein nude” or “Lindsay Lohan nipples”, don’t you feel stupid?

Nikki Cox stared at her breasts, preparing to join Jessica Simpson and Darrent Williams at the Saddam Hanging. Jessica, a staunch “Windows” defender, turned on her Dell computer with the Intel chip and went right to her MySpace page where she added new friends Orlando Bloom, Martina Hingis, Beyonce, Barry Bonds, Barack Obama, and Jessica Alba (who posed in Playboy naked and drives a Ferrari).

Angelina Jolie stopped by with Brad Pitt (who she has nicknamed “bebo”), both horny, having come from a sex orgy, which was really a charity benefit for autism and cancer. Of course Paris Hilton was there (raving about Metacafe which she discovered on Wikipedia and Radioblog.) as was Shakira who appeared just last night on American Idol where she caught Paula Abdul giving a blowjob to Chris Daugherty. It was quite a scandal but nothing like the Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal, or the pictures of Britney Spears’ vagina.

Then Penelope Cruz put her "box in a box" then called on her RAZR V3. She had been watching 24, Project Runway, America’s Top Model, the Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, and Dancing with the Stars and fell asleep in front of her HD plasma screen for under $2000. She couldn’t make the execution but was sending Tawny Little and Anne Hathaway instead. Apple Computer, Inc. CEO, Steve Jobs checked in from his spa. He, Justin Timberlake, and Family Guy writers were going to the UFC (ultimate fighting championship) where they would meet up with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, Ana Beatriz Barros, Yamila Diaz-Rahi, Molly Sims, Anne V,Bridget Hall,Daniela Pestova,Elsa Benitez, Fernanda Motta,Petra Nemcova, and Carolyn Murphy. He was also hoping some of them were lesbians so he could catch a little hot girl-on-girl action.

Before they all left they checked the Dreamgirls showtimes, Golden Globe results (where they learned the winners included Hellen Mirren, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Ugly Betty, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, and Hugh Laurie from House),traded podcasts, shopped on line for a Seahawks jersey to wear at the Superbowl (if they could get tickets and the cheapest airfare), downloaded tomcat wedding photos, lamented over the Paul McCartney divorce, discussed the latest Borat-Pamela Anderson rumors, and late arrival Madonna wondered where is Palestine? And, for that matter, where is Darfur?

They drove in separate cars. The Lamborghini, Hummer, Mercedes, and Porsche pulled out of the driveway. Wicked Ashlee Simpson was waiting in Jessica’s car sporting her New England Patriots shirt that featured Tom Brady, talking to Hilary Clinton about how to refinance. Meanwhile, Daniel Craig, already there but barefoot (he had a foot fetish), took Viagra just in case Eva Longoria or porn stars Jenna Jamison, Sophie Moon, Alaura Eden, Dragon Lily, Lauren Phoenix, Lexington Steele, Extreme Holly, and Stephanie Swift showed up for the hanging. Wentworth Miller sent his regrets, saying he’ll see it on CNN, the Colbert Report, YouTube, MSNBC with Keith Olbermann, CBS with Katie Couric (and her bare legs), the View with Rosie O’Donnell, the Food Network, or in Screw magazine.

Rain was beating down. Lil Wayne suspected Global Warning. “It’s almost as bad as Hurricane Katrina”, said Hannah Montana, who had her own bankruptcy problems. The guards were dressed like Spiderman. Fergie and Christina Aguilera swooned but Nicole Richie was preoccupied, wondering if the Deal or no Deal models were prettier than her. It was bad enough she was sitting with Heidi Klum, who kept pestering her, asking, “What is Hezbollah?”, “is Chris Brown performing?”, and “define web 2.0”. Donald Trump was giving sex tips to the Grey’s Anatomy cast and making erectile dysfunction jokes that Quentin Tarentino, Sean Hannity, Homer Simpson, Eli Manning, and Simon Cowell didn’t find funny. Ryan Seacrest and Rachel Ray were trading sex toys and Starbucks gift certificates, and Jennifer Aniston asked Tiger Woods if she should enroll in Boise State. He said yes but only if she can apply for FAFSA.

After Katharine McPhee sang some country’s national anthem where she was joined by the Dixie Chicks, Mariah Carey,the cast of "Chicago", and P. Diddy, the hanging took place, duly recorded on everyone’s latest cellphone camera under $30, and then they all checked flight schedules, the Weather Channel, found the best hotel deals, and flew to Hollywood for the latest Oscar buzz, the best pizza, celebrity graves, the top ten nightclubs, tech help, Universal tours, Grammy night, the Golden Globes, tattoos, Kobe Bryant, liposuction, Disneyland, and UCLA cheerleaders.

What did I miss? Google searches include comments, so join in. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. What good is having a blog if you can't do stupid stuff like this? Thanks for indulging.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's stolen content time, because this article deserves it

This is either the greatest invention ever, or the worst, I haven't decided yet.
A US underwear company have invented special pants to save the embarrassment of flatulence sufferers.
The pants have a built in filter and airtight fit to ensure the elimination of nasty odours.
Makers Under-Tec say the "gas eaters", officially called Under-Ease, are no joke but a "serious product that serves a purpose".
They say the pants "relieve the pain without the shame" and "improve social confidence".
The pants are designed to be airtight thanks to elastic around the waistline and legs.
The "core technology" of the product is a pocket with a replaceable filter inside.
The multi-layered filter is made with the two outer layers of wool felt, two layers of non-woven polypropylene and spun glass materials.
In the center of the filter is a single layer of activated carbon.
Inventors have found the filter cuts bad odours.
The pants are machine washable and last several months depending on use.
They can be worn anytime and anywhere - although they are not recommended for use in a swimming pool or hot tub.
Happy customers on the Under-Tec website include sufferers of Crohns Disease and Inflamatory Bowel Syndrome.
In testimonials on the site, satisfied comments include: "Thank you. You saved my life. I can now go to school without worry" and "they really are working for me, an answer to my prayers because I like to wear them when I go out."
For more information or to purchase the pants, which are available in a range of sizes, visit

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Wanted: one catchy title for this blog entry

Okay, I have a lot of ground once again to cover so bear with me, but it has been a few days since I have blogged anything of note, and that doesn't mean anything of note hasn't happened, just that I haven't mentioned it yet.
The easy thing would be the change meter, as it is now up to $9.34.
Again we have added new people to the friends list, including my friend Rich, who has already blogged about our drinking exploits this week though I think I remember more of it than he does, and his daughter Christina. Why they started blogging I will never know. Maybe I am a bad influence or something, but by all means stop by and check their stuff out.
Hockey is the only fantasy sport I have going right now, and for the first time in a while, I posted a losing week, going 4-5-1. I still lead the league overall, but only by a tie breaker now. Thankfully I have a big enough lead that the playoffs right now don't look like too much of a problem, the top 6 qualify and I would have to drop 31 pts over the course of the second half of the season not to make it, but still there is a certain amount of pride with being in first place, just not sure how much longer I will stay there with the injury bug hitting my team pretty hard, what with Jean Sebastian Giguere, Jason Speeza and Jerome Iginla all out right now, that is only my best goaltender and two of my best offensive players right there.
Some of you may have gotten a message from me via yahoo the other day about adding to my friends list. You can ignore it if you wish, I was just upgrading my messenger to the current version (I am the last to do such things) and it sent out the invites from the 360 page to my messenger if you too run yahoo messenger. If you did add me anyway, thanks, but be warned I am almost never visible. I tend to run invisible an awful lot, even if it is constantly on. I just found the buzzes and what not a little too much to bear, especially when I was taping the radio show on my computer. To have it be interrupted with buzzes from yahoo im was a little much, so I just muted the messenger bells and whistles and now keep it on invisible most of the time. You can still reach me through it, but you just can't tell if I am at my desk or not. (For the record, I am typing this at work while taping radio shows, so no I am not at my desk right now.)
I find I have been testy of late and I am not sure why. I would have thought a vacation would have toned things down for me a little bit, but recently I have been on a very short fuse. Prime example, I got an email yesterday asking if I am printing up too much show prep for the radio show in the morning and the question came from someone who really has nothing to do with my job at all. Now I suppose I could cooly explain why I visit every website I do in the morning and also explain that we are the only news talk station in the building and yet we get no newspapers to work with. Instead, right now I am more of the mind of saying "If you want to do my job, drag your ass in here at 5am everyday, if not then shut the fuck up." What can I say, I am not always the most pleasant person to be around, not that I mind being unpleasant, at times I kinda like it.
I am still about a week behind in my podcasts for the station, I may do a couple tonight (I am doing an all night shift, this is what passes for Saturday night for me a 5pm-1am shift at the part time job, followed by 1am till god knows when at the radio station) if I get up the gumption to, I knocked a couple out last week and I at least broke even during the week, putting up a new pod every day, but I am still about a week behind, the same week I was on vacation. There are just some things that I will not let my replacements do, one of them is post the podcasts.
By the way, remember when I blogged about leaving home before all of the fun started regarding my grandmother's house and the family "meeting"? Well, needless to say, it went so well that a couple of them walked out of it. If it were up to me, I would rather just see my grandmother turn a reverse mortgage on the house, where she gets payments from the bank and at the end of it, the bank owns the house. This would give her an additional income stream and when she does eventually pass away, the bank owns the house and anyone that wants to buy it can buy it at market price from the bank. After all, it is not like any of her kids are so hard up that they need the house and the minute one of them gets it over any of the others it is going to start a fight, so I'd rather none of them had it.
Well, I have recorded two commercial feeds and the Lutheran Hour for next week so far this evening. I only have two commercial feeds left and plenty of time to do them, so I may get around to some podcasting yet this evening, depending on how much time I spend on this blog entry. I think after work I may head over to Best Buy and blow some more of my gift card. I need a good movie to watch, and I am not much of a renter when it comes to DVDs anymore, I would rather just buy them and be done with it. I already bought one with the gift card, that being "Friday Night Lights", which was a better movie than it is a TV series.
An update on the Bedtime Stories blogs I am working on, right now I am trying to get the size down to a manageable amount to make them postable. They are too big size wise right now for Youtube or yahoo. I imagine it is just something I am doing wrong, which should come as no surprise because I do plenty of things wrong.
One book that won't be on the bedtime Series Stories series is the one I just finished. Yes I continue to read at the rate of at least a couple of books a month. I got the new john Grisham for Christmas, "An Innocent Man" which wasn't too bad. Not great but for his first non fiction books, I am willing to cut him a break and say it was pretty good.
Many thanks to yahoo and You Tube. Yahoo has been air NHL games live, which is a smart move for the NHL, given it is added exposure for a league badly in need of it. I know tomorrow they are airing the Anaheim game live, and given how bad tv usually is on a nightly basis, I may go ahead and watch the computer instead. You Tube has been posting highlights of the NHL games so that if you miss a game, you can at least see the higlights, as well as weekly highlight packages.
Sorry, took a little break from the blog. Watched some Youtube and chatted with Greg, who is the afternoon producer for our radio station. he also does overnights for the Fm on Saturdays, which means that at least when I am here on Saturday nights trying to get a jump. We just spent some time watching Family Guy clips on the computer. The cool thing about Family Guy is that I haven'ty seen all that many episodes, so while I think the show is hilarious, alot of it is still first run material for me, unlike most everyone else in the modern world that if they like the show, have seen most of the episodes. I guess I have reached the point where I am content to be behind the curve on most things. Such as technology, as long as what I have works, I am loathe to upgrade anymore, as evidenced by my finally upgrading messenger this week. I knew the update was out there, but my older verion worked fine so I didn't care to go newer. Heck, I finally just downloaded IE 7 within the last two weeks, and before that I was the last on my block to go with Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.
Cool, I got another commercial feed knocked out, only one to go. I have the spots already recorded for it, I just have to put them together and finish off the feed, which should take all of about ten minutes.
We have another change meter update. I think this is a first, two updates in the same entry, but when I went out for a cigarette, I did a quick run by the vending machines and found two more pennies on the floor, so the new total is $9.36. I should have looked under the machines as well, but I didn't. Maybe later this morning if I am really hard uup for change, but I doubt it.
I am not sleepy, which for most people would be a surprise, but not for me, since I slept all day yesterday. I took a nap Friday afternoon around 4pm and got up around 8pm, then was up until 3am, then went back to bed and didn't get up until almost 2pm Saturday afternoon. It is probably the most I have slept in ages and I have to admit, it felt pretty good. I figure I might as well store up on sleep now, I have 4 doubles next week, and a 9 hour Saturday before I drag myself back here for another all night shift. All told, I am scheduled for 32 hours at the part time job, though I am sure I will get sent home early a few times, so I will probably end up with 27-30 hours plus the normal 50+ that I will have at my full time gig. I did get a raise at the part time, the state of PA just raised its minimum wage, so all told I get an extra quarter out of the deal, woohoo indeed. I don't know how this will affect the raise I am scheduled to get in the very near future or if it will affect it at all. My raise was scheduled to bump me 50 cents an hour, but since every just got bumped compliments of the state, I don't know how much I can expect to get now.
Well, I should wrap this up. But I will leave you with the info on the new cd I burned. I have found a trick that allows me to burn music from the launchcast station, though I am not giving away my trade secret. Instead, I will just leave you with the list of songs I "stole" that I use for new bumper music for the radio show.
1) What Difference Does It Make? - The Smiths
2) Strawberry Letter 23 - The Brothers Johnson
3) Roll With It - The Crystal Method
4) Rain - The Cult
5) Private Idaho - The B 52s
6) Divine Thing - The Soupdragons
7) Firestarter - The Prodigy
8) Pets - Porno for Pyro
9) Here & Now - Letters to Cleo
10) Love Plus One - Haircut 100
11) Low - Cracker
12) Mrs. Robinson - The Lemonheads
13) No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age
14) Original Sin - INXS
15) Perfect Way - Scritti Politti

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Introducing the Squirrell

While part of my blogroll for a while now, I thought you might like to get better acquainted with one of the cool things on the web, Foamy.

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