Sunday, May 31, 2015

B365v2.22 - This is a test

I am trying out something with the Ipad, so bear with me here.  Just trying to upload some photos I took today to Google Drive and then put them on here.  Sucks to be me I guess, Icloud will not allow you to select multiple images and Blogger doesn't even allow uploading from Google Drive (this is a Yahoo style fuck up in my opinion products under the same corporate umbrella not working together). 

B365V2.21 - About me

Okay, admittedly I have been around this page a little more frequently this last week or so.  While one might attribute it to my new iPad (no thanks to the fucktards at Cellhelmet) there has been another more self serving reason behind it as well.  I joined a group on Facebook of Pittsburgh bloggers, which was foolish on my part since I consider blogging to be the illusion of work,  but some of the locals that's like to read are on there as well as some friends or acquaintances from my past radio life are on there.  So there could be a whole new batch of readers to this page, not likely but anything is possible.

Beside writing right now is giving mean opportunity to kill time until my breakfast arrives.  So there is the optimization of down time involved by writing while sitting here waiting.  And I feel like the blog is due for a new introduction of me for my potential new found readers.

If you hadn't guessed the Facebook link, of the web link that brought you here, my name is Matt Pritt.  If you have heard of me, it was most likely because I used to work with far more well known people in Pittsburgh.  That comes from having a 12 run in radio , where I worked with the likes of Lynn Cullen, Doug Hoerth, Jerry Bowyer, Bill Cardille, Jack Etzel just to go about mad name dropping.  After all if I can name drop than I must be cool.

As for what I do now, since the radio career is in the rear view mirror, I am the general manager of Smithfield News, a 24 hour newsstand/convenience store in downtown Pittsburgh.  I live what can best be described as a Hoerthian lifestyle.  I have more than the one pot, one plate, one fork which he always mentioned on the air, but not much more than that.

Excuse me by my god it was hot in Kelly O's.  Just finished breakfast and stepped outside and the breeze clued me in to just how warm it was in there.  But as I was saying, about my lifestyle,  or Doug having the Rusty Nail and Eat n Park to hang out at, my hideaways of choice are Kelly O's, the Squirrel Cage and Uncle Jimmy's.  But there are plenty of things that others consider commonplace for which I have no need.  Cable TV is one and if it wasn't for my boss demanding I get one and him paying for it my cell phone would be another.  I really hate that thing.   Any guilty pleasures on the TV end of things I usually watch online.

I am single and see no change in that status any time in the near or far future.  I would like to see a study on why people are attracted to each other, because my choices in women would make more sense if it was an ingrained genetic abnormality on my part.  It is one of the reasons I plan on staying single, if someone were to say they like me, my first instinct would be to think "Okay, so what is wrong with you?"

Alright, I made it back from breakfast and my Sunday walk, which ended up being 6+ miles and now I am back in the friendly confines of my apartment.  That is another thing about me, I try to get out on Sunday's and take a walk.  I don't do it religiously, some weeks I am just too wiped out from work, but more often than not I try to get out for a least a mile or two.  Doesn't help with my fatness any, but it beats laying around my apartment doing nothing.

Off to the right you will see my bookshelf.  All of the books on it I have read at some point in the past.  I don't do book reviews, there are far more skilled writers out there that do such things and everyone's taste is different, so my bookshelf is more a delve into the types of things I like to read more than any sort of recommendation on my part.

As for questions or comments on my page, my comments are open to the general public as is the blog itself.  I do not require someone to be a Google user to access or comment on the page, simply because like books, everyone has their own tastes and likes when it comes to blogging platforms, Blogger for me was the easiest to use after my two previous platforms both closed up shop (Multiply, Yahoo 360).  When Multiply closed they provided the tools to import all of my material to Blogger, which is why I am here.

Anything that I failed to mention, by all means hit me up, but not in a Ray Rice kind of way.

Friday, May 29, 2015

B365v2.20 - Out of doors

I am having another of my creepy blogger moments. Like when I go to the park and sit on my favorite bench next to the playground and I imagine everyone there is wondering if I am some sort of pedophile or something, tonight I stepped out of the apartment to get some aur because my place is to hot and my neighbors were out having some of their favorite alcoholic beverage and because they are college kids it is probably cheap shitty beer, PBRmeASAP and all of that jazz, Buford cue they saw me park my ass in the driveway with my back against my apartment they were all like, party's over and scurried inside. That's right whippersnappers, don't make me say "Get off my lawn!" I am not sure what I will write about this evening, I have kernels of ideas in my head but that is about it. Amazingly Ed still hasn't returned from Florida yet, usually he is back by this time, his wife came back last week, but Ed is still avoiding us like we have leperacy or like we are gay and trying to buy a wedding cake. Or it could be that Brian and I are doing a decent job running the place in his absence and he doesn't feel pressured to rush back. That would be a compliment of sorts I guess. I fired my first employee on Saturday. It was a kid who had been with us all of about two weeks and had gotten into the habit of calling off and I had the honor of telling him he would no longer be on the schedule. Bosses that say it is hard to fire people fail to mention those people that are fired with cause, those firings are quite easy because they make life easier for everyone else. And I am all about being cheap and easy. There are times where I miss my old radio job, but honestly these days are not them. The right wing nut job nonsense that is getting peddled is enough to make me want to throat punch people. Whether it be Christian who feel put upon and play the victim card because as a nation we aren't all that excited by their version of Christian Sharia law they are peddling, or the Fox News drinking game where every time they say Clinton or Benghazi you have to do a shot, because those are the only two things that matter to that network. Let's be clear about something, those florists or bakers or whomever the hell they are that don't want to wait on or serve gy customers are bigots. They can hide behind their Christianity as much as they want, the KKK does the same thing. But unless they are going to stop serving sinners in general, as opposed to gays in particular, then it isn't some religious calling thy are serving, they are just serving their own bigotry, unless they suffer from such a God complex that they claim to know which sins in the bible are worthy of a wink and a nod and which ones actually matter. And the Fox news/Clinton stuff, my goodness they are like Nncy Grace and her missing white woman of the week. And when there isn't a missing white woman, no problem, we will go back and dig one up as was the case with the new run of stories on Natalie Holloway. I am so glad I don't have to spend my days talkign about such bullshit anymore.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

B365V2.19 - Karaoke Friday - I wish I could have but.........

     So a few weeks back I went looking for a concert ticket, as The Replacements were touring again and Pittsburgh was going to be one of their stops.  Given they are one of my favorite bands growing up and I had never seen them live (they broke up in 1991 before their current reunion tour) and their show in Pittsburgh sold out pretty quickly.  Luckily I was able to find tickets through a broker online for only slightly more than face value, I paid $61 for a $50 ticket, which includes the shipping and handling for the ticket.    But just when I thought things were going to be cool and everything would be all right in the Matt universe, one of the band members took ill before the Pittsburgh show and they had to cancel.  Ticket holders were told to hold onto their tickets they would be valid at a new rescheduled date.  Then we get word from the bands Facebook page that the date will not be rescheduled, so who knows when I will get to see them live.  Guess I will just be stuck with Youtube......

If it's a temporary lull
Why am I bored right outta my skull?
Man, I'm dressin' sharp an' feelin' dull
Lonely, I guess that's where I'm from
If I was from Canada
Then I'd best be called lonesome
And if it's just a game
Then I'll break down just in case
Oh yeah, we're runnin' in our last race
Well, I laughed half the way to Tokyo
I dreamt I was Surfer Joe
An' what that means, I don't know
A dream too tired to come true
Left a rebel without a clue
And I'm searching for somethin' to do
If it's just a game
Then we'll hold hands just the same
So what, we're bleeding but we ain't cut
And I could purge my soul perhaps
For the imminent collapse
Oh yeah, I'll tell you what we could do
You be me for a while, I'll be you
A dream too tired to come true
Left a rebel without a clue
Won't you tell me what I should do?
And if it's just a lull
Why am I bored right outta my skull?
Oh yeah, keep me from feeling so dull
And if it's just a game
Then we'll break down just in case
Then again, I'll tell you what we could do
You be me for a while
You be me for a while and I'll be you

Monday, May 25, 2015

B356v2.18 - Truth


B365V2.17 - Whats up?

I realize it has been a while since I have scribbled something and since I am doing laundry right now I might as well take advantage of the time and write a few things.  As you know most things in my life revolve around work so that seems as good a place as any to start.

A couple of months ago I received a call from a police detective stating that a stolen credit card was used in our store.  They gave the amount of purchase and the approximate time the card was used, so I went into our system and ran a quick report on all of the sales at that time, and once I found out which register it was I took the time from that receipt and cross referenced it with our camera system to get pictures of the suspects.  Then I burnt that footage to did as well as printed copies of the receipt for the police, and as it turns out the two people involved are regular crackheads of ours, so tipped off our employees that should they come back, don't say anything to them, just let me know and if they try to make a purchase with a card check their id before running the card.  As it turns out they did come back, and while Steve was stalling them at the register, I was on the phone with 911 and the cops took them out of the store in handcuffs.  The police gave them a hearing date to show up in court and cut them loose,but they are no longer allowed in our store again by order of the cops.

I should mention that I am typing on the new improved iPad.  I had an issue with my last iPad, basically I had dropped it and put a small chip in the bottom corner.  It was nothing that affected my usage of it, that was fine. But it did put a small crack in the glass on it.  Well through continued usage that crack grew larger until I had one crack that went the length of the screen.  I could still use the iPad buried was afraid that eventually glass might splinter off and go in my finger.  But I remembered an episode of Shark Tank a while back and a local company that was featured on there, Cellhelmet.  They basically to iPhone cases with an insurance policy on the phone should anything happen to the phone while it is in one of there cases.  Well they have a local store right up the street from my apartment and they say on their webpage that they also do cell phone and tablet repairs.  My plan was to drop my iPad off on a Friday after work because I need it less often on weekends.  Amazingly enough I thought that my iPad was a luxury item for me, until I started using it for work and not having it at work is a big nuisance.  By dropping it off Friday I figured it would be less of a problem in that regard since I am off Sunday's anyway I I do t use it during my Saturday orders.

So I power down the tablet and take it in, the person there said they don't have the right glass for it, they would have to order it but the repair should take two days.  Ok fine, I thought.  I showed him the issue, I turned the iPad on and unlocked it to show that it was working, I just needed new the screen replaced.  Well after two days u still hadn't heard from them so I stopped by on day #3 to see what was up.  I was told that the iPad was bent and they needed to straighten it out before installing the new glass.  That was news time as it didn't appear bent to the naked eye, but I don't walk around with a pocket micrometer either.  Anyway it should take one more day.  Ok fine again.  I show up the next day after work and am told that they are short staffed and my iPad is being worked on but not finished.   So the following day ( day # 6 of a two day repair job) I get a called at work telling me I can come in and pick up my iPad but it doesn't work, the mother board is broken.  So I turned over a functional iPad and 6 days later I get the proverbial box of rocks in return.  Needless to say I was pissed.  They told me I wasn't going to be charged, and smart as me said "good, because you did the exact opposite of repairing it". Then they started telling me they could order a new mother board and install it and which point I said no thanks, you have done enough.

I proceeded to follow up my trip there by ordering a new iPad off of amazon for about $200.  Mind you I was going to pay $120 just for a new screen. And I posted my first ever Yelp review to warn off other potential suckers to their scam of a business they are running.

And that is what has been happening here in a nutshell, that and lots of work.

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