Saturday, March 28, 2015

Red Wings @ Penguins 03/15/2015

Detroit 5  Pittsburgh 1

David Perron - G

Steve Downie now has 221 penalty minutes, which is the most by any player in the NHL

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bruins @ Penguins 03/14/2015

Boston 2  Pittsburgh 0 

Tomas Greiss - 28 SV

Pittsburgh played without Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

B365v2.13 - Mr Brimley will see you now?

So I was busy doing nothing this evening, just laying around my apartment and catching u a little on my hockey videos when I made the mistake of checking my IP tracker. It would seem Wilford Brimley was here

Not sure what to make of this, that the oatmeal people are checking me out.  "Oatmeal People" would be a cool name for a band by the way.  For the record I don't know who was checking out the age from Italyeither, I could  hope it was Marta Menegatti, but that would be a pipe dream. 

So hows tricks kids?  Things are slowly getting better on this end of things, I haven't been as stupid at work recently, though I did a major fuck up on the numbers yesterday that had me only $4000 off of where I needed to be.  I found the error of my ways though, I ran the report without the Sunday sales numbers included in the weekend total.  That was the extent of my stupidity though.  Once again I was called into work on Sunday this week, and I am thinking that I need to throw my cell phone away.  Every time it rings it is some work related dilemma that requires my attention and whoever is on the other end of the calls seems to think I should drop everything I am doing and tend to their needs. 

I talked to my om a couple of times the last week, I wish things were better on that front but they aren't, still the same issues as before, she doesn't remember things from the past 20 years or so.  I don't know when I talk to her if I should be correcting her of her errors or just listening and kind of nodding along. 

I did an NCAA bracket again this year, but mine is already useless.  After one weekend I have lost half of my Final Four and one of the two teams I had in the championship game.  I pick good don't I?  At least my fantasy hockey team is nstill playing, I finshed in third place and won my first round playoff matchup, knocking off the 6th seed.  This week I have the guy who finsihed in 1st place during the regular season. 

IN case I thought work might be burning me out, next week Brian is leaving for a week in Florida, he is taking his kids down to see Ed, leaving the store under my purview for a week or so.  Not sure I am ready for that much responsibility, especially with my brain acting all broken and stuff but it will come to pass whether I want it to or not so I best suck it up and get things done. 

Okay, enough complaining from me, time to see if I can find something on Hulu. 

Oilers @ Penguins 03/12/2014

Pittsburgh 6   Edmonton 4

Sidney Crosby - G, 2 A

Evgeni Malkin recorded his 700th career NHL point in the win

Penguins @ Sharks 03/09/2015

San Jose 2  Pittsburgh 1  SO

Sidney Crosby - G

Pittsburgh hasn't won a game in San Jose since 1997

Penguins @ Kings 03/07/2015

Pittsburgh 1  Los Angeles 0  OT

Patric Hornqvist - G

Pittsburgh was outshot 31-16 in the contest

Friday, March 13, 2015

B365V2.12 - More miscellany

Not sure why I am writing today, more as something to occupy time than some grand significant event has happened.  And I do have some time to kill as I am riding the bus from work to the Waterfront.  Rumor has it I need some shoes and since I have a coupon from DSW shoe warehouse ($20 off of $49 or more) I figure I might as well go now while I have the time and money to pull off such an event.

My mind is still a cluttered mess.  It is like I have lost focus or something.  I know I have the mental faculties at my disposal to do what I need to, but some days recently I am just not able to process correctly everything.  Last night after work I stopped by my watering hole and got me a few beers.  The plan was to relax, I think some of my problems are stress related, so just get out of the routine I have been in where pretty much everything I do is work related.  Even at home I have taken the time to design a Facebook page for work.  Some of you have already seen it, those that are on my friends list over there, but for the most part recently there has been no off switch.  I was hoping the bar might help with that, but the cell phone rang twice while I was there, both times it was work related.  Ed has suggested I use some of my vacation time that I have coming, which is a tempting offer, but I am not one to abdicate my position willingly, they will have to yank the reigns of power from my cold dead hands, lol.

 Anyway I go out, get good and drunk and relaxed, go home and order some Wings Over Pittsburgh, drunkenly pushing food into my gaping maw, and once sated pass out and go to sleep.  I wake up at 4:30 am, thinking it is Saturday and I am late, Sammy
 and I are going to breakfast before the St. Party's day parade, arguably our busiest
day of the year.  I have worked with a couple of our vendors to get some promotional items for the masses, t shirts, beverages, lollipops to hand out, stuff like that.  I am always thinking about what we can do the next day better than what we have done the previous day.  There will be lots of handouts from the floats and what not in the parade, no reason for us not to be part of that, especially with the number of people that will be downtown. Little did I realize it was only Friday morning, again my mental faculties elude me.

There is an attractive red head sitting across from me on the bus.  As you know red heads get bonuses to their saving throws versus cuteness.  I on the other hand will sit here and admire from afar rather than fail my charisma check. John Lennon glasses or not, she would fall into the "Imagine" category.

Well that is done. Bought new shoes and socks and spent $40, then got pants and a comic book t shirt at Target for another $20 dollars and of course as I was shopping the phone did ring again and it was work related.  Honestly I can't escape that place.

I have been trying to pinpoint when it was I became stupid, I think the day was at the beginning of the month. Because the month ended on a weekend again, I pulled an all night shift at work, filing the February paperwork and starting the March stuff.  Usually that type of thing can be saved for a weekday, but it would have been a lot on my plate come Monday morning, and the less amount of work I have on Monday the happier I am.  I already have 3 days of sales to figure out as well as multiple orders to paw through, sorting out sales by date seemed a little much for what I already do that day.  But since then my brain hasn't worked properly, my sleep schedule is off, I can't focus at work and I have a hard time remembering simple things like the day of the week without overthinking such things.

There is a cute Asian girl sitting cattywampus from me on the bus.  She is cute enough that the Karate Kid would rush out into a hurricane to rescue her, I lack that level of dedication in my life.  I just want to make it home and have dinner and that my not happen if I go out risking live and limb for people whom I will fail a charisma check with.

Monday, March 9, 2015

B365 v2.11 -Feeling stupider by the moment

     Not sure what is wrong with me but I am having trouble waking up in the morning, I am finding myself in incredibly deep sleeps when my alarm goes off and the last thing I want to do in the morning is get up to shut the alarm off.

     My mental faculties are failing me as well.  I am making all kinds of stupid mistakes at work, I think it is just because I have too much on my plate at any one time and now and I am trying to keep everything going at the expense of my mental health.  I finished reading a book for the first time this year, but it is not on the bookshelf to the left.  Actually it is but it turns out I had read the very same book some 2 years ago, another of the James Patterson "Spenser" novels that I saw at Bradley's book outlet when I was in the Strip having breakfast the other day.  Because the book was there (and cheap) and I was unsure if I had read that particular novel or not, I went ahead and bought it.  But another of my mental failings was not recognizing that it was a book that I already read.  Just another of my mental gaffes these days.

     The mistakes I have been making are simple ones, I know what I have done wrong after I have done it, but it is getting to that point and not catching myself, like using the wrong deposit slips at work and putting money in the wrong bank accounts.  It is a simple fix, you can transfer the money online between the accounts but it is the type of thing that I shouldn't be having happen, I shouldn't be the guy that everyone has to double check their work, I should be better than that.  But apparently I am not.

     I am forgetting simple things too.  Last Friday morning I woke up late (again trying to get out of one of those deep sleeps) and when I woke up I thought it was Saturday morning, so I putzed around the apartment, the only thing that slammed me back into reality was the radio, the show that was on wasn't weekend programming so I had to double check the calendar on my laptop and then I realized it was Friday and not Saturday.  I am starting to wonder if I am turning into my mom, not enough oxygen to the brain or something along those lines.

     I trust everyone around here got their porn warning from blogger.   I was emailed a message warning me about content on my page, to which I asked which content I was being warned about, having three different blogs worth of material on here, it is possible I posted something that might violate the new terms of service, but I arbitrarily put the adult content warning on my page from the word go, so if they could point me in the direction of what it was that was so offensive, save for language at times, which is why my page carries the warning label, then let me know and I will remove it.  Of course after the email Blogger said pretty much the same thing, make sure you have the warning on your page and no porn, which I don't post anyway.  There are other places on the web that are better at porn than my blog.  It's a shame really, this page could use some Riley Reid pics.  Well there is always this

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Penguins @ Ducks 03/06/2015

Pittsburgh 5 Anaheim 2 Patric Hornqvist - 2 G Pittsburgh is 6-0 in games where Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby both score a goal

Penguins @ Avalanche 03/04/2015

Colorado 3 Pittsburgh 1 Evgeni Malkin - G Malkin recorded his 7th goal in his last 11 games

Blue Jackets @ Penguins 03/01/2015

Pittsburgh 5 Columbus 3 Evgeni Malkin - 2 G, A Malkin has 11pts in his last 5 games (5 G, 6 A)

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