Friday, November 3, 2017

B 365 V4.18 - 72 hours

     And maybe now it is all finally over, I know I sure as the hell hope it is as I have been bouncing between gratefulness and wanting to unleash some "Squirrelly Wrath" .  For those that pay attention to this page, you may remember some things that happened in July, in what was a 72 hour span of suckage, where my relationship fell apart, my mom was hospitalized with a stroke and I learned my place of employment was being sold.  Well this past week finally saw the end of all of it, I think anyway.  To keep you all abreast, my mo passed away, the relationship did end and as of Tuesday I am no longer employed, despite assurances of the new owners that they were keeping everybody on board.  Not that I ever believed them, I expected they would want their own people in place, but you would like to think that after working someplace for 8 1/2 years, you might get a two week notice, so you could at least ready yourself for the coming layoff, but that wasn't the case.  Instead it was three weeks of me showing them everything I did and how to do it (a big clue that I knew my days were most likely numbered and I would urge people that are still there to look at things the same way) followed by being called in the office at the end of my shift on Tuesday to say don't bother coming in Wednesday. 

I think that about covers all three items from that torturous 72 hour span back in July, though like i said, there have been times where I have been somewhat grateful recently.  Mostly it was after my mother's passing, when I didn't even recognize the support system I had in place from friends and family, most recently it has been from my long lost internet friends.  I used to play in Yahoo games, a little game called Pyramids, which for those into card type games is usually called Tri Peaks Solitare or something similar.  Anyway, the thing about yahoo games back in the day, they had a chat option connected to it, so there was a group of about 30 of us or so that would frequent the same room.  As time went on, we got to know each other, a couple of marriages came out of that room actually (no I was not one of them) but then Yahoo being yahoo, they fucked up their games much like they fucked up their blogging platform, their messenger service and even their internet radio.  Everyone kind of drifted apart, though it was amazing who stayed in touch with who.  Now it turns out, one of the people, Lee, has set up a group on Facebook for those of us who frequented that room (sorry, it isn't open to the public, so you can't join) an now my Facebook everyday is getting blown up with messages and pictures and memories of a much easier time in my life.  Which is most needed these days given the way I feel about some people, places and things.  A little emotional decompression.

For now though, I need to set about fixing some things, starting with my employment status, then maybe balancing my anger for the people who have fucked me over recently with something more positive, but right now positive is a hard place for me to be.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jets @ Penguins 10/26/2017

Pittsburgh 2  Winnipeg 1

Matt Murray - 30 SV

Second straight game Phil Kessel scored the winner in overtime

Oilers @ Penguins 10/24/2017

Pittsburgh 2  Edmonton 1  OT

Matt Murray - 29 SV

Pittsburgh scored two goals despite taking 44 shots

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