Sunday, March 19, 2017

Penguins @ Canadiens 01/18/2017

Pittsburgh 4  Montreal  1

Patric Hornqvist - 2 A

Cameron Gaunce scored his first point as a Penguin with an assist

Capitals @ Penguins 01/16/2017

Pittsburgh 8  Washington 7

Sidney Crosby - G, 3 A

Evgeni Malkin had a hat trick in the win

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Penguins @ Red Wings 01/14/2017

Detroit 6  Pittsburgh 3

Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Matt Cullen - G each

Pittsburgh blew an early 2-0 lead in the loss

Sunday, March 5, 2017

B365V4.7 - The making of the plans are complete

     I should apologize for not being around the blog all that much recently, but really blogging falls far down the list of priorities in my life. It is more along the lines of one of those "I'll get to it when I get to it" things.  That doesn't mean things didn't happen in my absence, they certainly did and I will probably spend an inordinate number of paragraphs typing about them here.  Our story begins last Tuesday......

     I got into work and Tuesdays are usually the day when our 7 Up rep comes in to get his order for the week.  This time was a little different though, as with him he brought an envelope with hockey tickets in it.    These were my replacement tickets for the Feb 14th Vancouver game, the one I was originally supposed to go to.  Apparently my request got lost in the shuffle, I picked the game back in August as Ed told me I could pick a game when we signed our new contract with 7 Up.  As part of our contract we get like $1000 in seats at PPG Paints Arena so Ed told me to pick a game.  I picked Vancouver because, hello, it's Vancouver (I should work for their tourist bureau or something).  But as we neared Feb 14th, I still hadn't heard anything about the game, I asked our rep a couple different times to check on them for me.  Still nothing so finally the Friday before game day, after I mentally prepared myself for the game, even referring to it as my anti Valentine's Day celebration, because there is no one i think of in that manner and anyone who went with me would not be my Valentine, I got the number from Ed of the regional manager at 7 Up.  It was late, like 6pm or so so I guess I should say it was late for working folks, I figured the number Ed gave me would be the office number and instead it was the regional manager's personal cell phone.  I ended up interrupting him at home, so I explained my dilemma, he got back to me pretty quickly saying those tickets were gone, but I could pick another game if I chose to do so.  Please, hockey and it is free, of course I want to go, so I hopped on my computer and picked a few dates that would work for me (really any date would have worked because, hello, hockey).  I ended up getting March 3rd against Tampa bay, which is kind of funny since the last game I went to was also against Tampa Bay in the playoffs last year (the game Sidney Crosby scored the OT winner to be precise).

As it turns out, Tuesday was also payday at work and with the hours I have been putting in recently, I expected to have a decent check and on that front I was not disappointed with meant i could celebrate my new hockey ticketedness with some adult beverages, which I did.  I was feeling no pain by the time I left, I got home and checked ye olde mailbox and what should be inside but my check from the PA lottery for $5000.  Of course that meant I had to get up early Wednesday morning so I could stop by the bank before work and scare the tellers there by actually having money in my account.
So I put the money in my account and was hoping Wednesday could fly by super fast so I could go home and check my account balance as the sooner my check cleared the sooner I could set about booking my vacation.  My wishes were not immediately granted though, when I got home my check was still a pending transaction, I had to wait until the wee hours of Thursday morning for my check to clear, at which point I went on a spending spree of sorts.  First was booking a hotel for 6 day plus airfare to Vancouver, I followed that up by booking a Seaplane ride over the city and the North Shore Mountains, and a day trip to Squamish to ride the Sea to Sky Gondola.  I thought about booking a full day trip to Whistler, but it is going to be summer and I don't ski.  So it would be basically a picture taking venture for me and I have plenty of pictures that I already want to take without taking a full day out of my vacation to just take more pictures.  I should mention that when booking I extended my vacation by one day, I had planned on going Sunday thru Friday, flying back on Saturday and having a day to deal with jet lag before returning to work, but as I was poking around on the web and was looking for things to do, as if I do not have enough on my mental checklist already.  But while looking at a calendar of Vancouver events, I saw that he BC Lions of the CFL were playing their home and season opener on the day I was scheduled to leave, so I decided, fuck it, I will go to the game and deal with jet lag like I deal with everything else, just plow through it.

Friday rolls around, I am doing the work thing like I always do, get all of the back office stuff done and make sure things are okay on the floor, so I proceed to take the daily deposits to the bank, which also involves picking up weekend change, which almost alwasy includes a box of pennies ($25) and a box of quarters ($500) plus I had to get some extra $1 and $5 bills, plus get some $20s for the ATM.  I roll down the street with my backpack over my shoulder, do the banking and what not, come back to the store and see that my backpack is actually open.  Thaankfully nothing fell out, but it turns out the zipper had broke, so I had to go buy another +1 bag of wholesome goodness (my D&D name for all of my backpacks), the closest store for such a purchase would be Burlington Coat facatory about 5 blocks down the street fom where I work.  So on my way out the door to mae this unexpected purchase I garb a instant ticket from the lottery machine.  Lo and behold it is a $100 winner, so now I am happy again because I am going to get my backpack and have some extra money to celebrate the end of the week at the bar.

Before anyone gets the crazy idea that I am an alcoholic or something, I have been out three times in the past two weeks, since I got my lottery winnings.  If I wanted to drink myself under a table, there would have been plenty more that three opportunities after winning $5000.  Just felt a need to clear that up is all.

So I get my new +1 bag of wholesome goodness, made by the same people that make Swiss army knives (which by the way, explains why the Swiss are so often nuetral in wars, how the fuck are you going to fight if you are issued a knife with so many gadgets on it, it would be nigh impossible to pull out the right utensil to defend oneself at a moment's notice?).  The new bag is nice, it survived the first bank run with the two boxes of change and nothing ripped or tore or snapped, so so far so good on that investment.  I go back to work, empty what few personal effects out of the old bag and into the new one, then I headed home for a couple of those end of the week beers I had previously mentioned.  While at the bar I stick a $20 in the poker machine and Boom Crash Opera (kudos to anyone who got that, which will be none of you I'm sure) I won another $100.

So that provided me a weekend of having breakfast in the Strip and a foray into the world of grocery shopping.  Of course me being the cheap person I am, grocery shopping consisted of a trip to Grocery Liquidators (which I call Scratch N Dent because the knock off mrchandise is almost always damaged in some way) in the Strip and an Aldi run on the South Side.

Also during the week, before i forget to mention it, I was selected by Campos Research to help with a lotteery focus group they were having.  It was easy just sit around for a couple of hours and answer questions about the lottery.  My reward for my time 9all of two hours) was a $125 Visa gift card, which I spent on Amazon getting the new Ace Atkins book that will be released in May and a camcorder for vacation.  So those of you who are friends on facebook will see some of the visual goodies from Vancouver, provided I learn how to operate the camera properly.

Anyway, that is what has been going on on this end of things.  And why I haven't been around the blog nearly as much, but now I am turning in for the night, looks like I will be working something close to a double tomorrow.  I say close to, because it will not be an actual double, I hope to leave before that happens, but I will be doing two people's jobs for most of it.

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